Can’t. A contraction for cannot. A term meaning unable to do something. Not able to fulfill what is being asked of you.

For being such a small, simple word, it can mean so much.

“I’m not strong enough… I’m not smart enough… I know I’ll fail… I give up… I can’t.”

Then there’s the other reason behind the word…

“I don’t want to… I don’t care… I don’t feel like trying so I can’t.”

However you react to the word “can’t”, you’re wrong.

It seems this word is thrown around left and right in today’s society, and it’s not OK. Why do people accept that? I never did, and it’s part of the reason why I’m still here.

They said “she can’t talk with a trach.” I was talking before I left the hospital.

They said “she can’t swallow with her diagnosis.” I’m eating mac n’ cheese while writing this.

They said “she can’t have a good quality of life in her condition. How could she?” At 26 years old, I have accomplished more than many have in 50. I have a non-profit organization, two Associate degrees, (almost) two Bachelor’s degrees. I’ve scaled rock walls, gone zip-lining, ridden so many roller-coasters at Disney World! I’ve gone on dates, have a family I love with everything in me, and have friends who love me! It is only by allowing God to take control of my life that I am able to have this wonderful adventure called life, but I wouldn’t be who I am today if I listened every time someone told me I “can’t” do something.

This life is what you make of it. Consider this: what would you do today if you knew you could not fail?

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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