A priority can be defined as a thing that is regarded as more important than another.

We live in a world full of people with messed up priorities, and I’m calling those people out.

The world wide web has been abuzz these past few weeks with controversy over two big box office hits: The Shack and the live action Beauty and the Beast.

It’s OK to disagree with people. God gave us free will so that we may think and believe that which we feel is right. Not everyone believes the same way I do and that’s OK. What’s not OK is forcing your opinions down everyone else’s throat and making them feel that they’re lesser of a person if they don’t agree.

I love The Shack. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to see the movie what with this sickness apocalypse upon us, but I’ve read the book and am SO excited that Hollywood has boldly shed light on the omnipotence, omnipresence, and unconditional love of the God I love more than life. The Shack is a story of healing the deepest wounds and forgiving the unforgivable through God’s amazing grace. It gives the basic purpose behind why Jesus Christ took on the sins of the world by hanging on a cross and rising again. It shows that God can be whatever we need Him to be: a father, a mother, a friend, a doctor, or a judge. It’s a wonderful testimony that God can get you through anything if you give Him your heart.

Yet so many Christians are suddenly making a fuss about how “Christians shouldn’t watch The Shack because it kind of, sort of, maybe, might not be entirely Biblical.” You can’t hear the laughter but I’m laughing so hard. When did it become OK to put God in a box? When did it become OK to assume that God cannot reveal Himself to people in our modern time? Was that only allowed in the Old Testament? If so I’m screwed because the two of us have a constant stream of communication. And more importantly, when did it become OK for you to cast judgement on a movie that was made to help heal the broken through showing the life-changing love of God? How dare you. See, logically it should be way more important that God is being revealed through a cinematic production than the trivial, legalistic issues you have with it. Re-evaluate your priorities, because if your priority is the latter, you’re pushing people further from God than a movie ever will.

I also love Beauty and the Beast, which isn’t surprising considering I am a lover of all things Disney. In a recent interview, a producer for the upcoming live-action film stated that there is a subtle homosexual sub-plot that will be the first for a Disney film. You would think that there is an explicit sex scene in the movie by the way Christians are reacting to that announcement. So I’m going to attempt to break down what’s really going on here since everyone else appears to be utterly clueless. The announcement made by the Beauty and the Beast producer was a publicity stunt to get people talking about the movie. And guess what? It worked! Why else would they drop a bomb like that two weeks before the movie’s release? People are melodramatic saying they need to shield their children’s eyes and innocence. Seriously? LaFou (the supposed gay character) is Gaston’s right hand man, his sidekick, someone who admires Gaston and looks up to him. This is who his character was in the original cartoon and this is who his character will be in the live-action adaptation. I have done extensive research on this “gay sub-plot” and honestly if it’s there I don’t see it. And if a 26 year old college graduate doesn’t see it, what are the chances that your 6 year old will be traumatized by it?

I personally don’t agree with the act/lifestyle of homosexuality, but I have homosexual friends I love. I don’t necessarily agree with Disney’s game plan of introducing homosexual references into children’s movies if that is really what they’re doing, but we as Christians must remember this world is not our home. You either run with the changes or get ran over. Jesus Christ never helped anyone through hate. He did, however, hang out with prostitutes, drunks, lepers, and tax-collectors. I think it’s safe to say he associated with a few homosexuals too.

My point is, it’s all about priorities. People are much too quick to condemn and boycott what they don’t wholeheartedly agree with. If that’s your priority, good luck. My priority is showing the love of Jesus with as many people as I possible can. My priority is helping the sick, the poor, and the hopeless. We live in a lost and dying world, so get off Facebook and focus to what you can do: be Jesus.

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