Devotion can be described as a feeling of strong love or loyalty.

In our modern society, devotion is a hard quality to find. We live in a world where people are self absorbed. I can’t judge because I myself am guilty of it too. We all are. That’s what makes the cross of Calvalry so beautiful: we can be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Complete devotion should begin there and continue to grow more and more until we, as God’s children, are called to our Heavenly Home where we can be with our King forevermore. Unfortunately, though, for many, devotion is fleeting and attached to emotions. If we’re happy, if everything in our lives are perfect, then God is good and worthy of our praise. But when tragedy strikes, when the doctors have done all they can and you’re still sick, when you have to bury your loved one; God isn’t here, doesn’t care, and neither do you. Suddenly, your thoughts turn bitter: I don’t need God, I can handle this myself, I’ll find something better. And so the cycle goes. Life gets good and suddenly we’re praising Jesus, then trials come and He’s nowhere to be found. Or perhaps you cling to God when life is tough, but when the storm passes so does He. This is how people live and it’s not OK.

I see this lack of devotion in all aspects of life, not just in regards to faith. As divorce is an all time epidemic, it’s obvious there’s a lack of devotion in marriages. People cheat and steal from their employers only to go to the next best thing. Enough is never enough. If all is well we’re satisfied, but the minute we see something better or difficulty presents itself, all bets are off. Rewind, delete, repeat. The thing is we’re not robots or animals. We can’t continue down the same destructive path over and over without feeling the cuts we’ve carved ourselves. You can only press the “redo” button so many times before you feel like an empty, hollow shell.

Life wasn’t meant to be lived this way.

Christ came that we may have life abundantly. We were made in God’s image and weren’t made to live apart from God. In His mercy and grace, God gave us free will to live however we see fit. His obvious want is to see us chose Him, and many do, but then there are those who embrace Him only when it’s convenient.

We need to redefine what it means to be devoted to something/someone. For me, I am devoted to Jesus Christ. I love Him. Without Him life is meaningless. I worship and praise Him without ceasing. I read His Word to grow closer to Him. As a husband and wife should be one, so I want to become one with my Jesus. I am always listening for His instructions and try to follow them to the best of my ability. When life gets hard I let Him carry me through. I will gladly make a fool of myself if it means I can tell someone how good God is. Because I am devoted to Him, and I don’t believe devotion is a feeling, but it is a choice to be made every day. And sure, nobody’s perfect, God knows that, but He is worth so much more than this halfhearted attempt at devotion. He’s not a buffet; you can’t take the parts you want when you want. You’re either all in or you’re not His. If you can praise Him in the sunshine, praise Him in the rain.

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