I would love to present some nice piece of uplifting material that would make you feel happy this eve of Thanksgiving. I always think of Joel Osteen when writing these posts, how he would be disappointed (alright by me!). Uplifting is good but useless without substance and wisdom that come from God’s word. God told me to write and so that’s what I’m doing. So here goes.

I suppose I’ll start where I left off; MRSA is still kicking my butt, but I may have found the answer to my prayers in the form of colloidal silver. For those who have no knowledge of this amazing supplement, colloidal silver is actually tiny micro particles of pure silver suspended in water. It’s been used since Biblical times for its many health benefits and is still used for burn victims. It is an antibacterial and antimicrobial, excellent for immune support, on wounds, gets rid of colds… And has been shown to kill MRSA completely without harming good bacteria that antibiotics wipe out. Colloidal silver has been demonized by modern medicine because a few individuals have misused it in the past and suffered crazy side effects. Taking small amounts daily yields incredible health benefits. After finishing yet another round of antibiotics, I could feel the MRSA returning only two days later, and was in excruciating pain. Desperate for relief, I had Mom bring me home a bottle of colloidal silver and started taking it; and amazingly, I started feeling better! Still healing, but for the first time in a while I’m hopeful that I’m on the right track.

I started improving Thursday, then had to go to the wheelchair clinic yesterday (Friday) with my wonderful Daddy (best dad ever, hands down, just saying) to get some much needed upgrades. I was so excited! Got a new custom seat cushion and back cushion, and my new toy: power elevating footrests! I can whip that bad boy up just like a La-z-boy! So awesome! The wheelchair tech also tried to redo my steering mechanism to make it easier for me to control. He tried so hard, and I thought it was OK. Then I awoke this morning to get ready – we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving early with my sweet mother’s family at my grandparent’s home. Excited to use my upgraded Cadillac, I anxiously got in my wheelchair. But I just couldn’t get my hand to work right… I couldn’t reach all four sensors like I need to – I could barely reach two. We twisted that, turned this, raised this, lowered that, and moved my hand every way imaginable. I couldn’t do it. Sometimes it takes a minute to adjust, but this was the first time ever I literally couldn’t do it. It was infuriating. This is one thing that I can control, and now I can’t even do that. Was I tired from yesterday? It was my first trip out in several weeks and a long one at that. Was it all placement or was it me? Suddenly I felt so angry; not at my amazing parents who both have patience of saints, and not even at myself. I was mad at SMA and all it has robbed from me. The entire car ride to my grandparent’s house I was battling emotions and found myself screaming “I’m so mad at SMA!” My parents looked at me, and Dad said “took you 26 years to get mad? Not bad!” We laughed and then he said “I’m sorry… But it’s made you into who you are, and you’re pretty special. You’d be boring without it.” That brought me back to reality. I can’t move, this is a fact. I have been very sick; that, too, is a fact. I was having a difficult time today, sure, but that does not define me. I am so much more than my physical ability or lack thereof. Nothing in this world is perfect, and what matters is how you roll with the punches. I ended up having a great day with my extraordinary family who never once complained about having to help me extra.

Hear me, dear friend. The enemy can take anything from you in this life, and the losses are hard. However, If our hearts belong to Christ, he cannot take our joy. At the name of Jesus he has to flee like the coward he is. Happiness is a choice but joy is a gift from God that is unceasing when accepted. No matter how bad you have it, you can always find joy if you know the Giver of it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get some desperately needed sleep. I will figure out how to control my wheelchair, because I’m stubborn like that and won’t be satisfied until it’s good. And I will not let Satan steal my joy today or ever. I hope you do the same.
Much love until next time!

4 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Amber, thank you for your honest, transparent faith. Once again the Lord has used you mightily. And I cannot imagine you as boring, SMA or no. Lol. Love you!


  2. What a WONDERFUL living example of the WORD when it cries for the Christian to practice what is written. This world does a lot of disappointing and folks are ALWAYS trying to justify their retreat from doing thing’s God’s way by being “the victim”. You, clearly are a great example of being a VICTOR instead. Thank you, Amber.


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