Only Hope

I know, I know… It’s been a while. Sorry. I’ve had my hands full with healing my injured foot and replacing bad caregivers – a task that never gets easier no matter how often I do it. I am also busy with my small art business called Broken & Beautiful Art. Time passes so quickly, don’t you think? Sometimes when life is calmer and I’m doing OK health wise (or healing from foot injuries), I mistakenly think “oh, this isn’t exciting enough to write about.” Then I had that glorious light bulb moment, like God just whispered in my ear: I made you to be special. I gave you a voice and a gift of writing. Use it to tell your story. Use it all – even the calm, mundane times. So here I sit, finally in that awesome zone where my words to write come so fluidly and without thinking that it’s as if God were typing these words. Have you ever done that? Just sit still and listen, writing only what Yahweh says? Some dismiss the notion that God still speaks to us, but I personally think that’s due to the fact that so many aren’t patient enough to listen. We don’t have time. There’s far too much to do today. Billy has soccer tryouts and Suzy has to be at ballet in ten minutes and CRAP! I FORGOT TO GET MILK! Back to the store! We can’t keep our thoughts in order due to our constant work to hopefully, maybe, some day achieve that idolized “American dream.” Riches and power can only get you so far in this life, and the price paid for such “gifts” is far too high. We as a nation have forgotten God but for Heaven’s sake, don’t forget that smart phone. We spend our days behind a screen, where essentially you can be whoever you want to be and some are so enamored with that concept that they actually believe they are a god. How many religions really exist today? At a minimum of thousands, I’ve no doubt. Why is that? Because we’re all too stubborn to put our differences aside and focus on Christ alone. We care more about our pride than being labeled a Christian (“oh, not another Jesus freak!”). Some try to cover all bases by being a “free spirit”: accepting and embracing every religion and moral code, but please hear me when I say all roads do not lead to Heaven and you know when it’s time to change course! I had one individual tell me she cared more about finding out who God really is after she dies than securing her eternal destination while alive. Has it always been this bad? Such lack of respect for God and any lifestyle associated with Him! There has always been evil in this world, it’s just made instantaneously public now thanks to the internet. We’re all little hamsters running on that never ending wheel of goals that the elite have imposed on us as a society to keep us under their control. And guess what? We allowed it! What stupid sheep we can be, yet the Creator of life still loves us and wants to set us free from the bondage we put ourselves in due to sin. For being such a tolerant society, so many still have no room for Jesus. I’m reminded of these words from a Casting Crowns song:

United States of America, looks like another silent night
As we’re sung to sleep by philosophies that save the trees and kill the children
And while we’re lying in the dark, there’s a shout across the Eastern sky
For the bridegroom has returned, and has carried His bride away in the night 

Now is not the time to take a half-hearted approach to our eternal destination. We blame everything else for why this world is so chaotic, when we have gradually given up our values more and more over time. It’s not some political issue, banning weapons isn’t the answer. We as humans have a serious heart issue and the only resolution is to allow God to break our hearts and reshape them to be what they were originally meant to be. It’s a painful process, but even glow sticks have to be broken before they shine bright!

We need to stop running from hard things and conquer them like God calls us to.

Our only hope lies in God. Do you have room in your heart for Him?

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