I See Angels

I have decided to share a small passage of my biography that I will publish one of these days, followed by something new.

“Few people realize the profound part angelic forces play in human events.” – Billy Graham

Why is it that so many people view angels as scary beings when most haven’t even encountered such things? That isn’t how I remember them at all…

I’m afraid my angelic encounters may be a tad dull: there were no bright lights, loud noises, or flying acrobatics involved. They looked like any normal person would, but wearing white. I mistook them for doctors the first time I saw them; I was laying in my bed during one of the many hospital stays when the chances of me making it through the night were quite slim. I can’t recall the reason for that specific hospital stay, or how old I was at the time. All I remember was how sick I was – the kind of sick where it hurt just to move. I was trying to rest my eyes but seemed restless, so I opened my eyes to see two women in white robes standing beside my bed. They didn’t speak or even move; they just stood smiling at me. I liked them being there, which was odd because whenever doctors paid me a visit it usually meant I was going to have to do something I didn’t want to do, like undergo tests or other unpleasant duties. This was different though. I somehow felt better with them around. I was quite young at the time and in my young tongue I said “Mommy, who are those ladies?” When she asked what ladies, I replied in my confusion “those ladies in the white robes, right there… Don’t you see them?” The next time I looked up, they were gone. The next two meetings were when I was 7 years old, right before I got my trach and was in the hospital. What you don’t know is that the main reason my doctors and family decided to trach me was because every time I sat up I stopped breathing. That was a time when everything was touch and go, and they didn’t know if the next breath would be my last. One night, though, my mom wanted to get me up and in the bath since I hadn’t left my bed in a while. So they brought me, IV’s and all, into the bathroom and put me in the bath; and there they were again, standing there in the doorway. The same two sweet women I met a few hospital visits ago were simply smiling at me, and when I asked who they were, I got the same answer as the last time: there was no one there. Another evening during that same period in A.I. DuPont before I got my trach, my mom sat down to read me a new Barnie book she had bought a few days back. When she got ready to read it, though, I said “you don’t have to read that, Mommy. Sister Lindsey read that to me last night.” Was it simply the hallucinations of a gravely ill child? Most scientists would think so; but whether or not one believes it, some in this world, for reasons unknown to man, are given the privilege of receiving a small taste of Heaven while being cared for and lulled to sleep by perfect beings best described as angels. I have a spiritual connection that many cannot understand. I recently went under anesthesia to have a procedure done on my hips to reduce pain, and while asleep I had what seemed like a Heavenly experience. I was in a very bright room with Jesus Christ and an angel. I was so happy to be in His presence, and He encouraged me and told me that I was doing a great job and He had much more wonderful things in store for me, so I should go back to life and get back to work. I realize that to some these accounts may seem utterly insane, and that’s OK. I know they really happened. Why would the God of the universe choose me to get a small taste of Heaven? I still don’t know, but every experience is one that I cherish.


Now, fast forward to today.

My family and I have been going through a very difficult time… Worse than I would ever care to share. But just to skim the surface:

My brother has moved to North Carolina with his children who I love with everything in me.

I’m constantly getting weaker and my surgery that will allow me to start getting the SMA treatment Spinraza injections has been postponed until who knows when…

And then there’s this apocolyptic virus that could kill individuals like myself who are immunocompromised and medically fragile.

I can’t even find a bottle of blasted cough syrup (calm down, I just get stuffy some nights from a MRSA flair up!) because everyone in hysteria have bought everything they don’t even need. Then I can’t buy the things I need.

There are angels in my home and now I’m not the only one that sees them.

After my aid left at 6p Saturday evening, it was just me, Momma, Dad, and my Maw-maw together for the night. So we watched movies and played games. Maw-maw headed to bed around 9 but I like to stay up and my amazing parents try to oblige me as best they can. Dad was upstairs doing some work on his computer while Mom was getting me ready to go to bed. She had just transferred me into the bathroom to relieve myself. It was around 10:30 at night. She was taking my equipment into my bedroom when suddenly she ran into the bathroom with this shocked look on her face. I immediately asked what’s wrong. Her response: I think I just saw an angel! Of course I am shocked because I’m the angel seeer in the family and part of me feared that my beloved Momma overlooked some psycho home invader. But she knew. An angel was standing guard over my basement, arms crossed. At first she thought it was my father messing with her but then she got closer to the lowest stair landing and clearly saw that it wasn’t him. She was shocked and excited and felt a little crazy but of course I believed her. Shortly thereafter she got me in my bed and my Dad came down. When we don’t have a night nurse, my parents sleep downstairs with me and I really love for all three of us to pray together before lights go out. So they both gathered around my bed, getting ready for prayer. Mom looked at Daddy and said “I just had the craziest thing happen to me!” Dad cut in, saying “you saw it too?” Then he shared with us how he saw a presence pass over the upstairs, on its way downstairs, at the same time my mother had her own experience. And we all felt and continue to feel such a strong sense of peace since that night, knowing that God has sent His finest warriors to our little home to watch over us… To watch over me. I’m humbled and in awe of God’s goodness to me.

In the midst of these turbulant times, trust that God is in control. And keep your eyes peeled.

One thought on “I See Angels

  1. I’m sitting here with tears and holy goosebumps and have no doubts about what you’ve seen! I believe there are angels all around us and how blessed that you and your mom and dad have personally witnessed them!! Glory to God!! He wants you to know He’s sent His angels to watch over you always so you can continue to share the Light of the World ❤️. I hope you know how much I adore you. Always have, always will. You are such a blessing. I can only imagine how the recent weeks have been inconceivably painful. I’ve been praying about it all. Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your angels to watch over our precious girl! You know most of all the treasure she is to the world. Hold her close and heal the pain in her body as well as her heart. Amen.


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