Today is Palm Sunday and I’m home still with no forseeable end to quarantine in sight. I’m really doing good though. We all know I’m a serious overthinker, and today I’ve been pondering the upcoming Easter holiday and how I’ll still be here in my home basically in isolation. Easter and Christmas are undoubtedly my most favorite holidays, so much so that I’ve dedicated my life to sharing the hope found in Christ Jesus with as much of the world as possible. If pressed, Easter is more favored due to the warm weather. The older I get, to worse I do in the cold. I literally feel sick from it. But as long as God allows me to organize Candy Cane Kids operations from my computer, I will do it. It’s always hard and stressful and few people help but somehow we make it work and it’s always worth the service. What about that word? Service. What a beautiful thing. It ultimately makes our world go round. I help you, you help me. You pay people for their service and they pay you for your’s. Jesus lived a life of service and asked nothing from anyone. We need money to survive though. I’m extatic that my Broken & Beautiful Art has given me another outlet to be of service and share hope and even make a little money. So I guess I’ll finish this post with a question: how may I be of service? I have a body that doesn’t work but a heart that always wants to give. Can I make you something beautiful? Can I pray for you? Do you just need someone to talk to? I’m available. I can’t do much but I’ll do what I can. This world is dark and cold and I’m at your service! Help me fulfill my destiny and who knows? Maybe I can help you fulfill your’s.



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